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Gobbins Tour Times

In 2018 tours will be available to Wednesday 31st October and will operate every 30 minutes.

Please ensure you wear appropriate footwear such as hiking/walking boots with a thick tread and ankle support, trainers are not acceptable and you maybe refused entry per our terms and conditions.

Please allow approximately 2.5 to 3 hours per tour.

Tours are taken in groups of a maximum of 15 people, so places may be limited at certain times.

Please contact us on 028 9337 2318 or email if you would like further details.

Please, read and agree the Gobbins' Terms & Conditions before booking.

Before you book...

The Gobbins is an exciting, outdoor experience, but also requires endurance and may not be suitable for everyone. We want to ensure all our visitors have an enjoyable experience and that they are protected at The Gobbins. To decide if this is the right adventure for you, please read and take into consideration our hazards.

Medical Hazards to consider:

  • The Gobbins is a hard walk and you should be aware of over exertion from walking along a narrow, uneven path with many steps and with a very steep climb at the end of the walk.
  • In our experience, visitors with cardiac conditions including pacemakers, respiratory problems, back and joint pain or diabetics who have not medicated properly for this 3 hour adventure, may not be suitable to undertake this tour.
  • There is a small risk of contracting Weil’s disease from coming into contact with wildlife residue, therefore food is not permitted on the path and you are advised to use hand sanitiser after you complete the walk or wash your hands when you return to the Visitor Centre.
  • Due to the narrowness of the cliff face path, walking aids are not permitted, including walking poles and umbrellas.
  • The Tunnel is dark and narrow and may cause panic attacks from those suffering from claustrophobia.
  • The Gobbins is renowned for its bird life, if you have a fear of our feathered friends then this adventure may not be for you.
  • You will not be allowed to undertake the walk if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Environmental Hazards to consider:

  • In this natural environment, while measures are taken to minimise and manage the rockfall potential, the cliffs are part of the natural environment and cannot be entirely free from rockfall. In undertaking this walk, you accept that you may be exposed to such events and these could cause you serious harm.
  • All visitors are required to wear a hard hat while on their guided tour to protect them from potential injury in the cave, the tunnel walls or from the outcrop of rocks which form the beautiful cliff face of The Gobbins.
  • No climbing is permitted and you must stay within the designated boundaries of the path and follow guide instructions at all times.
  • Suitable outdoor clothing and walking shoes or boots i.e. thick tread, with ankle support must be worn. No heels or canvas shoes are allowed. Footwear will be checked before departure and if found unsuitable, you may be refused access to the walk.
  • Slip and trips could occur due to the uneven surfaces on the Access and Cliff Paths.
  • Water is allowed, but should be carried in your pocket or around your neck.

Practical Hazards to consider:

  • No one under 1.2 metres, approx. 4 foot, will be permitted to take part in The Gobbins tour. It’s also not suitable for young children. Children may not be carried.
  • Your hands should be kept free. All belongings may be left in our free, secure lockers at the Visitor Centre.
  • Smoking is prohibited on The Gobbins path.
  • Animals are not allowed on The Gobbins path.
  • Bags are not permitted on the path, this includes back packs and camera bags. In the interests of safety, cameras should fit in your pockets or be on a strap facing forward. Tablet computers and selfie sticks are not permitted.

General terms and conditions.

  • Tour guides reserve the right to direct visitors off the path at any time due to health and safety issues.
  • Management may refuse entry to, or eject visitors from, the visitors centre or guided walk for abusive, threatening, drunken or other antisocial behaviour (including smoking in no smoking areas), causing a nuisance, carrying offensive weapons or illegal substances, or making unauthorised audio, video or photographic recordings. No refund will be given.

Your Gobbins Experience

  • The experience consists of a short journey by mini bus, then a steep descent followed by over 50 steps to the path entrance at Wise's Eye followed by a 2km walk along the cliff path and a steep upward climb back to your transport home.
  • Weather along the coast can suddenly change so everyone must come prepared, wearing suitable outdoor clothing and footwear that can handle the calm to the wild.
  • The Gobbins Path runs at a height of 15 metres above water level in places and contains a dark tunnel and an entrance feature where conditions will be cramped for taller visitors or those of a larger build and includes 46 flights of uneven steps.
  • There are no toilets on the path so we would ask that you avail of the facilities before entering the briefing room.

Cancellations by management

  • Tours can be cancelled at short notice due to changes in the weather or for operational reasons and we will endeavour to contact you prior to your tour time if this is the case. Should this be the case a refund or reschedule of the tour will be offered.


  • No refunds will be given unless the tour is cancelled by us, should you be unable to attend we would request at least 72 hours' notice, we will reschedule your visit on the next suitable date available for your party.

Should you have any questions regarding your visit or any of your party following reading of these terms and conditions please contact the Visitors Centre on 028 9337 2318 or email

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